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Pearls of wisdom continue to shine, and once again I’ve been moved to recount (with permission) another client reflection, this time an end of therapy realisation focusing on opportunity and forward movement.

This big deliberation was about destiny, whether or not our lives are mapped out for us, if there really is a hand of fate delivering what is meant for each and every one of us, and if this is the case, then do we just need to sit back and wait for it all to happen? My client thought not, and this was the interesting part for me.

In considering this quandary, my client came to believe that no one is going to come to us and deliver all that we want or feel we need, and it is up to us to put in the effort to seek out the opportunities that may be our personal destiny.  In one sense, this might seem like a contradiction – I mean, if we are making things happen for ourselves, then where does destiny come in?  However, there was an answer for this that I really liked. If opportunities are, in a visual sense, a set of doors that we may enter, then it was suggested that perhaps some doors are meant for us – our fate – and will open when we push, and others, which aren’t, simply will not.

I think it takes real courage to go out and get what you want for yourself and make changes, but as the saying goes, fortune favours the brave. I may have to push on a few doors myself to see what else may be out there for me too…

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