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In light of the changing world in how we communicate, what we have learned from the 2020 pandemic, and my ethical requirements to ensure availability and access to those seeking therapeutic counselling or supervision support, I’m now able to offer video or telephone counselling/supervision sessions from the privacy of my garden therapy room, as well as in-person sessions.

Video sessions are generally by Zoom (How to Zoom), available to download on phone and tablet devices and PCs, and I may also use FaceTime or Google Duo if preferred; all of which have end-to-end encryption.

I’m also able to offer telephone sessions in some circumstances, including for anyone who cannot attend a session because of illness, suspected illness, travel restrictions, or any forced isolation measures imposed – for the client/supervisee or myself – if a preferred option to video calls.

Security & Privacy:

If accessing a session by video or telephone call, you should remain mindful of your personal privacy in terms of your location, to ensure you or I cannot be overheard by others. This is to maintain confidentiality, and ensures the therapeutic value of the work is not undermined.

I am able to practice remotely or by telephone from my separate garden therapy room. I take confidentiality and my ethical responsibilities very seriously, and so only use platforms that have end-to-end encryption, and I pay for additional security systems on my contact devices.

Therapeutic Relationship:

Working remotely can be beneficial in a number of circumstances, but I recognise that relationally it can sometimes be a challenge. However, that challenge is something I am very aware of in how I practice, and I work to ensure we are able to develop a good therapeutic relationship that is able to transfer all the support, warmth and care that therapy is formed upon.

Please see my DNC Remote Working Information Leaflet v2 for additional considerations to take note of when accessing remote sessions.



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