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Entering into supervision for the first time – or when contemplating a change – can feel a bit daunting when considering our individual characters, approaches and personal ethics, as well as our unique wants and needs from a clinical supervisor and the working relationship. We don’t all fit perfectly – and I quite like the fact that we don’t, because that edge of difference can sometimes be the most enlightening, creating a spark of real growth and development for both of us if we’re open to it.

I’m not formulaic, rigid or directive in my approach, and for me, supervision is not a tick-box exercise – although I’m highly ethical in my practice and personal standards. I just love that we have this time as counsellors where we’re able to reflect on ourselves as practitioners and imperfect humans, and consider our practice, progression, hopes, fears and triumphs in equal or unequal measure, as we decide to use our time. That’s how I use my own supervision, anyway.

Trained in person-centred supervision, I focus on you – whatever your own approach – and your experience of yourself in your relationships with clients and your own supervisees. I aim to help broaden the scope of your reflections of you within your work, while remaining supportive and unselfish in sharing from my own experience, if asked for. Working with students, I’m supportive and encouraging while remaining mindful of gaps in knowledge and the anxiety that can come with stepping out as a fledgling counsellor. No one can leapfrog time-served experience, so it can help to feel supported along the way. I just need for you to be open and honest within a reflective process, whether qualified or soon-to-be.

I achieved Senior Accreditation (Counselling) in 2021, and as a therapist I work with adult individuals and couples. I’ve worked solely and successfully in private practice since September 2016, after starting my business practice in January 2015 and developing it to become my full-time profession. I continue to draw upon two decades of business management experience, as well as specialised working knowledge of the Mental Health Act and mental capacity, and experience of health records keeping and managing confidentiality; all of which informs me and is open for sharing in practice.

Please get in touch if you’d like an initial meet-and-greet appointment for counselling supervision.


Post Graduate Certificate in Person Centred Supervision – January 2017

Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred Supervision – January 2018

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